Duane Allman

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  1. Wow, what can I say. That album has always been my favorite and Duane Allman is in my opinion, one of the greatest.

  2. Live at A&R Studios is the best I’ve heard period Duane Allman said to his bandmates make it Goodfellas were only here for 1 hour.

    1. Koo8 me and my three buddies went to the Early Show we shot in 5th row left just where you said if us was one of the best shows my fact it was the best show I ever saw in my life by far nothing even compares

  3. Nice read. I came to the brothers after Duane & Barry died. Sort of fell away until Derek started playing with them and worked my way backwards. I was just 11 in 71 but I wish to God I’d have paid closer attention. I always wonder how it must have felt to be at one of those show. You just gave me a really good idea. Thank you.

  4. Mr. Archer, your essay is perfect.
    ThankYou. I and so many others are able to be at Fillmore with your words.
    The music of The Allman Brothers is my life movie soundtrack. Past, present, and eternity.
    ThankYou again for letting me hand out stickers at the Gregg Allman show at Memphis Botanic Garden in June. Excellent evenin.

  5. I was only almost 19 when I first heard them. Always loved the Detroit R&B sound & the funk of James Brown when just 14. So when these guys came out & played that Southern blues rock I was hooked. Dwayne & I share the same B.D. date so I know how much a determined man he must of been to get his sound down. I had B.D. tickets to see them in R.I. live but Dwayne was killed before. So sad. Followed Gregg throughout the yrs. try to keep it together & he did pretty good. He is a great musician now, but needs to slow down so we can have him as long as possible. Never stopped loving this band, I am from Maine & saw them everytime they came even 3 summers ago up on the mountain. They had a old hippie bus transport us up the mountain to the concert & on the way back everyone was singing in the bus there songs dressed in hippy cloths. Loved it. God Bless

  6. My name is Dan DeMers from the heart of the Hudson Valley, and a proud 3rd generation ironworker out of local 40 N.Y. city one of my fellow I.W buddies with his long blonde hair looks much like Gregg Allman. After u made me feel like i was at this concert i loved the article i shared it with him cause he’s a fanatical fan of the Brothers, so again i thankyou and am sure my friend and fellow worker Kevin Joyce will be happy i stumbled on it also.Hats off to a GREAT MEMORY!!!!

  7. Was at the 4/26/71 late show also. To add to your great story was the memory of a great performance of Revival that gave the crowd a great late nite wake up call. Thanks

  8. In ’69,while on summer vacation from school(I was 15),The Allman Brothers Band played on 2 consecutive weekends at the Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne,Fl. I was a 3rd year guitar student and knew of Duane Allman being a BUSY session player,and I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to witness a master at work!A friend and I made plans to go the second show.We were in need of a ride,so my friend’s older sister(who had their first album)agreed to transport us to the show.We arrive just as the support act begins.They were a trio (guitar,drums,keyboard w/keyboard bass).Next thing we know,out comes Berry Oakley to sit in with them!He fattened up their thin sound nicely. Then it was time for the main course!Now,I had never known about “slide guitar” before,and when Duane started playing,I couldn’t believe what I was both seeing and hearing!My jaw almost made a dent in the floor!That room had great acoustics and the sound was so good that it was almost like the album itself was being played through the P.A.!!! It could not have been better. As it turned out,my friend’s sister brought her copy of the first album with her.After the show,we’re standing around when I look across the room and spot Gregg walking out from backstage.I grab the album and approach him and he graciously signs it. My friend had brought a camera,so we try to get backstage and actually make it! We can’t find Duane,but there’s Dickey Betts,sitting on a folding chair pickin’ on his SG. We get some shots of him including one of me playing his SG!!! This was definitely one of my better concert experiences!

  9. That June 26th late show is, to my way of thinking, the holy grail of rock-n-roll. Surely the tape(s) must be somewhere; right? If they somehow were misplaced and still reside any place in the material world, please, dear God, PLEASE, we implore you, we beseech you, we appeal to you and all you and we both hold dear, and I understand that isn’t always the same thing, but still … that you somehow maneuver events, circumstances, people who may not even know what it is that they know regarding this to search, act, inquire into its whereabouts in order that it can somehow be unearthed and restored to its proper place amongst we the people!

    The boys gave this most beloved of musical theaters’ a closing show worthy of its stature. It’s now well past time for this closing night’s performance to surface for one and all to hear. That it remains missing to this day, that it somehow slipped between our fingers and out of our musically craving hands leaves us all diminished — and yes, still grieving — for its return to its proper place: inspiring us all with its majesty, soul, and passion.

    Whoever you are and wherever you may be found, if you have any information relating to or even a clue regarding where these tapes may reside or even may have resided in the past, we request you in the name of humanity and all that is fine & good within it still, albeit we agree to disagree on exactly what that may or may not be, to help find, unearth, restore, and release this seminal musical event for all to hear and be inspired by. Remember: the musical soul you save may very well be your own!

    Thanks for sharing your memories of this most significant of musical evenings with us, Rowland. Like the show itself, I never wanted it to end.

    Bill Graham’s Fillmore East LIVES!!!

    Long live the Allman Brothers Band!!!

    Remember Duane Allman!!!

  10. I can’t seem to get enough of the Allman Bros. music lately and have dived into the history of the band via my laptop and I would definitely be interested in the 7 set CD collection. I’m 13 years younger than Duane, but through the 70’s, I became a true follower of the band and have listened to their music ever since. I lost my Dad in a car accident on Jan. 1, 1971, so now it seems Duane & the Band and I have something ever so sorrowful in common, and recently, I’ve been ever so drawn to the beginning and history which made up the Allman Bros. Band. I always knew Duane had been this kick-ass guitarist who started the band with his brother Gregg, but I had no idea what a genius he really was at only 24. At 58, I’m listening to just about everything, but the true classics, like the Allman Bros., can never, ever, be duplicated. Their seeds have taken root deeply and their music lives on forever. NOW PLAYING IN HEAVEN: SKYDOG & GREGG.

  11. That was one great read Thanks The Allman Brothers Band are my favorite band I adore The Live At The Fillmore East album I believe I have 4 or 5 versions. The Road Goes On Forever & 2nd Generation Allman Betts & Oakley are proving it ✌️❤️

  12. My friends and I attended the last public concert at the Fillmore East.. featuring Albert King, the J. Giles band and the Allman brothers band. we were in the 7th row center section. The show was amazing and it was daylight when we left for home. I remember the next night recording the entire show off the radio broadcast on WNEW. Funny, we considered going to see the Leon Russell show (I think a week earlier) but I insisted we go to see the Allman Brothers. We actually also saw them at the Wollman Rink but it was wonderful to see them with Duane at the Fillmore…

  13. I got this box set when it first came out in the limited edition – mine is 04392/10000. Simply put, the best box set I have ever heard. Many hours of great listening.

  14. I couldn’t sleep, so I picked up my phone to read this article, thinking it would make me rest. OMG, I felt as if I was there, at the closing of the Fillmore East, listening to the best band that will ever be. I was 16 years old when the Allman Brothers Band came to Spartanburg, SC and played at the Sitar. I didn’t get to go because I was in Florida that week, but I have heard how great their show was. I missed my chance to see Duane Allman play live. I am an artist, and I would just sit around & sketch Duane playing his guitar, I adored him that much. There will never be anyone like the original ABB because they made their music as a group, but the passing of Duane & Gregg made the music die for me. I did see this wonderful band play several times over the years, but I really enjoyed Gregg’s solo shows the best. In fact, I saw him in Charleston, SC at one of his last shows. The music that The Allman’s played will always be with me. The only thing missing from this article is the description of Duane playing “Will the Circle be Unbroken “ at the end of Mountain Jam. I cry when I hear the pure sound that comes from Duane Allman’s guitar, & his heart.